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    Quality Manager Compensation


    The brewery I work at puts out ~10k bbls/year. We have a pretty legit lab. As the sole quality person, I'm responsible for monitoring DO's during transfers and packaging, running micro on everything, running the sensory program, monitoring fermentations, pulling force ferments, and of course, cell counts. My job description is QA Technician, but like I said, I'm the only one in the lab. I'm consistently in OT unless I take a day off.

    I make $18/hr, which is the average for a lab technician, but it seems my responsibilities are exceeding the job description, fitting more into a quality manager role. Does anyone have input on what their quality managers are making? Obviously the beer industry can't pay as well as say, pharamaceuticals, but I'm trying to get a feel for what I should be making. For reference, I'm based in Madison.

    Thank you for reading!

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    Here's some info I've gathered:

    Chicago suburbs QA Manager ~5K production facility: 50-55K + full benefits

    Rural North Carolina QA Manager ~7K production facility: 47K + 80% of health insurance covered.

    Those would be figures for starting wages, FYI.

    A few quick Glassdoor searches yielded:

    Lagunitas QA techs at $18-21/hr

    New Holland QA+Safety manager 54-59K

    Sounds like they are asking you for QA manager work but paying you QA tech money.

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