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Thread: Caustic (sodium hydroxide) vs alkaline noncaustic (percarbonate + metasilicate)

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    I enjoy the security of knowing that helpers cant implode a brite or ferm if im not around to watch them. Not alot of brewing history in mexico, virtually zero folks with professional education, not many more with decent experience. (At least outside the majors like modelo/cuatehmoc/etc.) And those guys aint leaving to come work a little craft brewery.
    You don't have Pressure/Vacuum Relief valves installed on all tanks? No other valves between the PRVR and the tank.

    For those of you worried about the safety concerns of NaOH: better check your home kitchen. It's the major ingredient in oven cleaners, automatic dishwasher soap, and several other common home products. I've gotten caustic burns much more often when working on a dishwasher than anywhere in the brewery.
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