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Thread: I need guidance on a 1994 meheen m4!!!

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    I need guidance on a 1994 meheen m4!!!

    If anyone has experience with older model Meheen bottlers, 1994 era to be precise, I need guidance with operations.
    Hi All,

    I am new to bottling, but am a quick learner and have an able mind at tinkering. I purchased this 1994 M4 and have been rebuilding the pneumatics on it. Almost have all pistons firing.

    I would love some insight on the other dials on the control panel.

    I really need to chat with someone who has experience with this older model to gain a full idea of operations.
    Also, if there is anyone in currently using this bottler and would be open to me coming to your facility for a shadow day I would be eternally greatful.

    Keil Cronin
    It's Alive Kombucha
    Bayside, CA 95524

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