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Thread: Taking D.O. readings day of transfer

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    Taking D.O. readings day of transfer

    Good morning everyone. I was wondering what you all do to take your d.o. readings day of transfer. We have a c-box with an in line screen style filter. I find that it gets clogged quickly with all the hops that are stirred up into the beer during transfers. We do mostly neipa's so there are quite a bit of hops in the beer but the transfers are usually fairly clean. Usually I have to wait 3-4 hours for everything to settle before getting something close to accurate. This is all an effort to improve our d.o. so I'm trying to get a reading before any oxygen has time to bind to anything in the beer.

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    Hi. Talk to your Anton Paar rep. You can get a better filter for the C-boxes now. I do believe it's a bulk filter. Sometimes I borrow a C-box from our rep and usually can't get one of our brands through but he recently switched to a bulk filter and I had no issues.

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