Hello everyone

We have been using the Invisible Sentinel PCR system in our brewery for a number of months to test beer in fermenter at DT rest and final pack for small pack beers or at time of racking for cask and keg. We have been using it prominently with the BrewSTAT and BrewPAL kits, and where wondering how other breweries where finding these, we are hoping to compare test scheduling and results interpretation? Upon testing every batch we have noticed occasional very low positive results in fermenter with less defined bands than the kit expects, specifically with the BrewSTAT kit but when retested after racking there is no detection. For all our tests with the BrewSTAT kit we preform 48hr enrichment using the recommended enrichment broth. Is there anything anyone can suggest to improve faith in this test and the low results?

Thanks in advance for any replies