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Thread: Nasty rust removal

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    Nasty rust removal

    Howdy all,
    I’m taking over a 6-year old Brewhouse. Rest of the vessels look to be in great shape, but when I went to take apart the heat exchanger to replace a bent outlet, I found...more rust than I’ve ever seen in a brewery.
    Like, flaming-off-steel-May-be-compromised amounts of rust. 98% of it is on the frame, only a little bit is on the plates themselves.

    So...rust removal. Hit it with some good Phos at 120-140? What say y’all?

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    30 volt, 10 amp power supply + a carbon fiber brush+ phosphoric acid makes a great rust removal/passivation tool in any brewery.

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    That looks more like a section of mild steel, not stainless it is so corroded. In which case the only answer is to replace that section with decent stainless, and then passivate. Even if it is meant to be stainless, it would appear to be of such poor quality that I would get it cut out and replaced with fresh 304 or 316 stainless.

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    That's really bad!

    I'm with Dick on this--that isn't SS. It looks like a victim of galvanic corrosion. Is there copper plumbing connected to the HX?

    It seems the entire HX has been pretty well abused. That bent TC flange takes some doing.
    Timm Turrentine

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