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Thread: Filtering Recommendations For A small Operation 800L

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    Filtering Recommendations For A small Operation 800L

    Hi Guys,

    I have a small brewpub where our process is going to be:
    - Ferment in unitank
    - Crash chill to 1 degC for 3 days
    - Carbonate in the same unitank
    - Transfer directly to kegs via inline filters

    Can others with a similar scale suggest some appropriate filtering for bright beer?
    I was roughly planning on running a 1 micron fag filter followed by a 1 micron cartridge filter. Suggestions and others experiences appreciated.

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    I really like SupreDisk2 from Pall. They are good to about 40BBL a pass. Then you backflush them sanitize them and go again.

    If you are going to filter you need to have receiving tank. We carbonate after filtration.

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