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    Base Malt

    Im considering switching from Great Western 2-row to Gambrinus, and was wondering if anyone out there has done the same? Another local brewer switched a couple years ago and really likes the Gambrinus and says he gets better extract and a clearer run off. Another local brewer switched to Crisp and said he's getting 10-12% better extract than with GW. I cant afford Crisp but Gambrinus is only about 4 or 5 cents more a pound. Any thoughts?

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    You are right about people not answering posts. Thank you for answering mine. I've recently switched to Crisp malt and have noticed a dramatic increase in yield also. While Crisp is about 9 cents more a pound I have been able to go through a closer supplier and save on shipping costs. With the savings on my shipping costs, Crisp is only about 2 cents more a pound. Maybe you can find a differrent(closer) supplier for Crisp or Gambrinus.


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    Have you guys compared malt specs between the suppliers?

    I have a feeling that the GW would have a slightly higher moisture content than the crisp, which would make the crisp malt easier to mill. Yes/no? Maybe not so much "easier" but more complete & therefore better yeilds to show for it?

    I notice that when I use Brit style 2 rows (Golden Promise, or even the Gambrinus ESB) I get better extract, but a finer milling of the grist.
    My usual 2 row is Prairie Malt (Biggar, Saskatchewan) - we switched to this from GW about 2 - 3 years ago. Can you get your mitts on the Prairie Malt? I've found it very reliable, and good for a wide variety of styles.

    No, I don't sell the stuff...


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    I currently use Gambrinus 2-Row and I'm very happy with the quality of the malt. The pricing and extract are about average. I have used all the fore-mentioned maltsters. Each one has their own pricing/delivery advantages depending on your location. I'm really not sure your going to find a large difference in malt as everybody is in the same state these days-substandard malt due to drought. I think you may need to consider looking at all the specs as mentioned but also consider the taste difference you may experience by switching your base malt, especially if you use an imported variety. Best of luck!


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    Hi there BW, great question!
    I switched from GW to Crisp a year or so ago and have had excellent results. The price difference was far made up for with the increased yield we saw with the Crisp malt. The flavor profile did change somewhat but overall our customer response was positive. We are a small brewpub in Stockton California (600 BBL's per year at the taps). ANother base malt I have been experimenting with is Durst. I already use it on all my Lagers and currently on my Gold beer. It has excellet yield and beautiful plump grains.
    Good Luck,

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    Our small brewpub has a fifteen bbl system and uses 900-1000 lbs of grain. A $.09 in the price of pound of grain would not be worth compromising the qualities I feel come from using high quality English 2-row. We are talking about a small fraction of the price of a pint. I would rather save money on something else than grain and hops.

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