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Thread: Using Lactic acid to drop pH

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    Using Lactic acid to drop pH

    Hello guys;

    We are looking for a method to acidify our wort with lactic acid.
    We have used acidified malt...which works great, but would like to see if we can achieve a consistent result with lactic acid.

    Goal would be to acidify the wort a bit with lactic acid with the intention to brew a brett beer and bring out some of that pineapple character during brett fermentation.

    I would like to use Lactic Acid, supplied By Brewers Supply Group. It has an 88% concentration.
    Hoping there is someone with some experience using this method, and has used this product and could give me an rough dosing rate.

    Our water is extremely soft, no pH issues with the mash at all.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Download bru'n water.

    Standard practice among the industry to use lactic acid for lowering pH. If you are putting a decent amount in it will give you a "lactic" flavor. If you don't want flavor use phosphoric acid
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    To give you a ballpark to play in: we use about 1,2 liter during mashing in on a 40hl batch, containing about a 1000 kg malt, to bring the pH from 6,0-ish down to 5,6-ish. No lactic flavor detected. It does however, depend a lot on your water chemistry so I concur with Junkyard here: downloading bru'n water to get an idea.

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    Why not do a sour mash or sour in the kettle prior to pitching brett after boil? Ive always been a fan of beers that have been acidified through natural means vs artificial. Flavor wise, I can taste the difference between pure lactic acid and those that are fermented.

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