Position: Operations Manager
Location: Brewery, Kihei, HI
Managers: Executive Team
Salary: $100,000 - 150,000

Job Description:
This is a self-motivated position responsible for providing outstanding leadership and management of the manufacturing of goods. You should be passionate about inspiring others, coaching, and delivering the best products possible while maintaining, and constantly striving to expand a profitable environment. You must possess strong skills in technical aspects of manufacturing and maintain high standards of facility management, including sanitation, safety, quality control, and reporting.

Job Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
  • Develop a cohesive and confident team by providing proactive leadership and coordination to all production departments to ensure the highest level of efficiency and problem solving.
  • Oversee the planning and organization of all production, including necessary material, equipment, and labor resources.
  • Key player in company morale, with focus on communication, vision, inclusive team building, employee growth, and celebration of success.
  • Monitor recruiting, training, and developing of staff, provide coaching, counseling, and discipline as needed, including effective KPI performance goal oversight, and strong annual review writing.
  • Encourage open door policy for employee questions, concerns, conflict, etc. resulting in resolution, and guide mid-level management to increased empowerment.
  • Implement, or manage, action plans for quality control specifications and standards.
  • High-level management of production schedules based on sales needs while minimizing labor costs.
  • Management over all teams to ensure building and equipment have proper operating, cleaning, and preventative maintenance procedures, including assurance that all staff are properly trained. Provide executive team with quarterly inspection analysis of all machinery based on an operational and efficiency test.
  • Coordinate, support, and assist staff in troubleshooting, diagnostics, prioritization, procurement, scheduling, implementation, and malfunctions of equipment.
  • Liaison between maintenance team and all other departments for scheduling and communication.
  • Act as safety manager monitoring all regular meetings, concerns, investigations, and policies, including all necessary reporting for State and Federal regulations.
  • Lead new project development and/or optimization, including coordination with contractors. This may include negotiations or problem-solving on pricing, goods and services.
  • Coordinate on-going evaluation of vendors to ensure highest quality and proper costs of all materials and supplies.
  • Create and/or coordinate, and monitor for correctness, written policies, including SOPs, etc.
  • Manage operational reports.
  • Assist to create, adhere, and regularly report budgets.
  • Manage coordination of inventory audits.
  • Facilitate or attend regular management, safety, and production meetings.
  • Participate in festivals and promotional events as needed.
  • Assist in future planning for growth.
  • Continually research industry developments.

Job Requirements:
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a multi-department operations manager for a manufacturing company producing at least 25 million in annual revenue.
  • Extensive awareness, adherence, and proactive involvement in HR management.
  • A strong working knowledge of GMP, OSHA, HAACP, FDA and TTB regulations, and the ability to lead a governmental inquiry or investigation.
  • Current working knowledge of SAP accounting systems such as Orchestrated Beer
  • Understanding of HMI and PLC, including ladder logic monitoring, control, and implementation.
  • Strong project management and problem solving skills.
  • Exceptional communication and demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Sustainability and conservation to be of the highest importance in processes.
  • Required shift will begin at morning production startup, but shift flexibility, including the ability to work any shift, any day is required.
  • Fundamental knowledge of plumbing and machinery.
  • Competent with computer functions, including Microsoft Office, PC and Apple products.
  • College graduate preferred. Degree in brewing or a brewing-related field preferred.
  • Experience with Brewmaxx/ProLeiT, or other brewery automation software preferred.

Physical Requirements:
  • Lift 55 lbs. from ground to shoulder high. Lift 110 lbs. from ground to waist high and moving 150 lbs. along the floor.
  • Climb stairs, ramps, and ladders.
  • Work in small and confined spaces.

Hours & Wages:
This position is an exempt position as described by the Fair Labor Standards Act and does not earn overtime pay. The total wages paid is defined in the salary section of a Job Offer. The weekly hours of work can vary as an exempt employee, and can be up to 50 hours a week. It is the employee’s responsibility to clock in and out so that hours worked can be accurately tracked, and important to bring to a manager’s attention if they feel they are going to exceed 50 hours in a current work week. If employee takes unpaid time off, or is terminated with a partial work week, then the following formula will be used to calculate pay: bi-weekly salary divided by 10 multiplied by the number of days worked.

  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Company matching 401k Plan after one year of employment
  • Eligible for performance bonus per Brewery Bonus Policy
  • Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) starts at three weeks/year based on hire date

Please use this link to apply:https://www.paycomonline.net/v4/ats/...E4A282D823B884