Good afternoon;

Looking for a bit of insight on aging beer on oak.
We have a Maibock that I plan to age in a foeder.
Maibock has already fermented, and been conditioned in a steel fermenter.

These are fresh, brand new foeders; no beer has touched them yet.
We have temp control

Temp I was thinking of was 5º-10ºC (~40º-50ºF) to age.

1). Would it be better to go with a cooler temp. It is currently at about 1ºC (33-34ºF)
Would there be an advantage to let it free rise to the above temperatures?

2). Do you recommend recirculating? / Bubbling with CO2 to increase contact?

Obviously we are expecting a fair amount of oak coming through quickly, but we don't want too much and too quickly.
Any ideas for a little bit of control on the oak character is definitely appreciated.

Thanks in advance