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Thread: Barrel Aged Fruit Beer

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    Barrel Aged Fruit Beer

    What do you find is the easiest/best way to remove fruit from empty barrels? Should i puree the fruit instead of using whole?

    What works best for you?

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    There's a zillion ways....

    What fruit? Doubt whether you'd need to puree blueberries, but you certainly wouldn't use whole watermelon. You have so many options with respect to not only fruit preparation, but contact time, temperature, other treatments. Use the fruit as whole or puree or as a squeezed juice. Use the juice to bottle condition. You could also use fruit juices to backsweeten. Or as sugar source for secondary fermentation. Or primary. I like to use enzymes to depectinize most fruit juices before fermentation. There is no special cleaning regimen with this method. I merely rinse the barrels with a cleaning wand and refill immediately. Have had very good success this way. I wouldn't want a mess of rotting fruit pulp in my barrels, but other brewers have with great results--as in Kriek.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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