Surf City Still Works is the first distillery to operate in Huntington Beach. We have a clear vision of where we are headed and what our values are, and we are looking for a new team member who is just as excited as we are about our future. We treat everyone with respect and work continuously to cultivate a work environment where we can all grow and thrive together.

Since we are a Craft Distillery and do not operate a kitchen at our current location, we are limited to serving 1.5oz per person unless it is a private event by CA law. We will be building out a kitchen in our new location which will lift the 1.5oz limit.

Our team is a cohesive and supportive group who has an aligned focus on our future & vision. We have been fortunate enough to be the first to distill and bring craft spirits to Huntington Beach, and we aim to continue educating those in the greater Orange County area about the craft spirits industry. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats so we have cultivated a positive and supportive relationship with surrounding distilleries, who would otherwise be called our "competition".

The successful candidate will be someone who is excited about our growth, has values that are aligned with ours, has an interest in the craft cocktail culture, and is willing to learn the skills required to prepare and make the cocktails on our menu. The successful candidate will also have strong guest service skills and previous experience as a bartender and/or bar back.

The role you will be applying for will impact our operations greatly. You will assist our head bartender in a way that allows the cocktail making process to flow smoothly and efficiently. In the meantime, we will train you on how to make our cocktails and the culture behind the craft cocktail world so that you will be fully prepared to handle shifts on your own.

Our customers come in with the expectation that their cocktail(s) will be spectacularly made and Instagram-worthy (kind of kidding on the IG part, but not really...). The skills we will teach you will allow you to meet their expectations every time, and then some.

- Assisting the head bartender in prepping, garnishing, clearing, cleaning, etc.
- Delivering cocktails to guests
- Closing out guests in a timely fashion (we use Square, which is really easy to use)
- Knowledge of our cocktail menu to better assist the head bartender
- Help with opening & closing tasks as needed

- Great people skills
- Upbeat personality
- Open availability
- At least 1 year prior experience as a bartender
- Knowledge of craft spirits & experience in creating craft cocktails a plus

Potential Roles this position could lead to:
- Head Bartender
- Mixologist
- Tasting Room Manager
- Distilling Assistant
- Warehouse Manager

Please respond to with you resume and a brief note about how you see yourself in this position. Cheers!

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