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Thread: Fruiting a Milkshake IPA

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    Fruiting a Milkshake IPA

    So we are adding 27 lbs (9 cans) of raspberry puree from vinter's harvest ( for a 1 BBL batch of Raspberry Milkshake IPA and I am trying to figure out the best process for doing so. (This is our first time brewing a fruited milkshake IPA)

    The beer is currently sitting in a conical Blichmann fermenter and we are going to be transferring and carbonating in a SS BrewTech 1 BBL brite tank.

    The current plan is to (after cold crashing the beer)
    1) Strain (or double strain) the puree into the brite tank (to remove particulate matter)
    2) Purge the brite tank
    3) Transfer the beer into the tank
    4) Carbonate and serve

    Any thoughts or input on how to best execute this final step?


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    For our fruited beers we have been using a 42lb box of Oregon purée per Bbl (same manufacturer as Vitners harvest) to the beer at 60, we hold it there 5-7 days crash to carb temp, hold a day, dump trub, carb and package. We do this with sours and fruited IPAs. Hope that helps.

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