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Thread: Fruiting barrel aged beers

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    Fruiting barrel aged beers

    I've aged a few beers in barrels with fruit and it can be a pain to clean/remove fruit. I read The Bruery uses puree in their barrels instead of fruit. Anyome else had good results with this? How much did/do you use per gallon or bbl or whaever ratio you use? How long did you let it sit? Any special techniques?

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    I use puree from Oregon Fruit Products when I add fruit, and since it's much more concentrated than regular fruit I use 84# for 5BBL for our fruited wheat beers and more when I put it in a barrel, which gives me the flavor I want in most of my fruited or barrel-aged and fruited beers. I use 42# when putting it in a barrel, for either sours or regular beers. That's a higher concentration but it works out wonderfully. BTW, they sell it in 42# aseptically packaged boxes.

    Once caveat: Even after being in a barrel for a year it will require filtration or some other means to get the puree out of suspension. I was surprised by how much remained in solution even after an extended aging time. I have found, though, that a 10 micron filter setup clears it right up during transfer. Maybe cold crashing would help, but I don't cold crash my barrels before transferring to kegs or our bottling setup.

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