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Thread: Cambridge Brewing Co, Cambidge, MA hiring full-time entry-level or qualified brewer

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    Cambridge Brewing Co, Cambridge, MA hiring full-time entry-level or qualified brewer

    This position has been filled. Thank you to all the applicants!

    Assistant Brewer Position at Cambridge Brewing Company – May 2019

    Looking to get in on the ground floor of this exploding and exciting industry? The Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) has a new opening for a full-time entry-level or qualified Brewer. CBC is the Boston area’s oldest brewery-restaurant and is known internationally for its dynamic, creative, award-winning beers. This is an opportunity to learn the craft from the ground up under the tutelage of Brewmaster Will Meyers and the amazing team at CBC!

    Please read this entire job description thoroughly before applying. Please note that CBC is hiring applicants from the Greater Boston area only. We will not consider applicants who are not currently residing in the Greater Boston area. We will be unable to reply to applicants from outside this region. Thank you for understanding.

    Please email with cover letter and CV/Resume to

    *Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    *Ability to show intelligence, persistence, dedication, competency, and self-motivation.
    *Be physically in excellent shape and be able to lift 55# grain bags easily, and repeatedly.
    *Ability to lift full kegs (165#plus) safely and repeatedly in and out of the CBC van for delivery to the local area.
    *Ability to accept constructive criticism, follow direction, and maintain standardized production methods according to CBC, the Brewmaster, and the Head Brewer.
    *Excellent and uncompromising sanitary habits.
    *Ability to correctly read hydrometers in both SG and *P.
    *A strong sense of punctuality.
    *A clean driving record and valid drivers license.
    *Ability to operate the CBC Brewery van in a safe and courteous manner when supplying our local wholesale draft accounts.
    *Ability to show knowledge, courtesy and attentiveness when representing CBC to our customer accounts.
    *Good mechanical abilities.
    *Enthusiasm for craft beer and familiarity with U.S. and international beer styles
    *Be a respectful and pleasant human.

    During early training, the position of Assistant Brewer includes but is not limited to:
    *Keg washing and filling.
    *Keg deliveries two days weekly to local wholesale accounts in CBC brewery van.
    *Cleaning, sanitizing, and filling growlers for CBC take-away.
    *Cleaning floors and equipment as directed.

    The position will expand to include the following opportunities:
    *Cellar work, learning tank C.I.P./S.I.P. protocols and finished beer transfers.
    *Assisting in mashing in, mashing out, and wort production.
    *Learning and maintaining high standards of yeast handling protocols.
    *Monitoring active fermentation and proper reading of SG/*P, following individual fermentation profile requirements, tank bunging, and chilling as appropriate.
    *Weekend work on a rotating basis (generally one weekend per month) monitoring fermentations and performing any necessary yeast management and cellar work.
    *Representation of CBC at local and regional beer festivals and events.
    *Opportunity to learn recipe formulation and to contribute to the creation of new CBC beers.

    This position entails a minimum of 40 hours per work week with additional extended hours as necessary including brief duties on rotating weekends. Employees are expected to maintain sobriety and proper behavior at all times when representing CBC both in-house and at beer-related events, and employees must take personal responsibility in monitoring their alcohol intake and behavior. This job does entail occasional tasting of alcohol beverages while on duty.

    Please note that for entry-level Assistant Brewer positions, CBC only hires from within the immediate, commuter-friendly, Greater Cambridge/Boston area. We will not interview nor relocate potential employees from outside our local area. We are very sorry, but we will not respond to applicants residing outside the Greater Boston area.

    Applicants should send a formal cover letter and résumé, plus a separate brewing-related resume if lacking professional-scale experience and include both professional and personal references. Please be available to interview immediately. A second “Brew Day” interview will be conducted for final candidates.

    Please email to the attention of Will Meyers, Brewmaster. Cheers!
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