Migration Brewing is hiring a Brewer to work at our production facility in east Portland. See job description below.

Please direct all resumes to: mike@migrationbrewing.com
We do NOT monitor this site regularly.

Title: Brewer
Overview: Brew Beer, Cellaring, Packaging

Classification: Full-Time Exempt/Non-Exempt

Reports to: Head Brewer
Primary Responsibilities:

Brew Migration current flavors and seasonal offerings, ensuring all brewing activities are completed in a timely manner.
Complete all Cellaring tasks assigned by Head Brewer
Monitor, Develop and Refine brewing process, ensuring all product meets Migration standards.
Collect and monitor brewing data, enter all information accurately into SCM system.
Conduct Racking and Packaging activities assigned by head brewer.
Notify Management in a timely manner of any substandard products or delays in production.
Ensure Brewery facilities are clean, neat and sanitary at all times.

Other Responsibilities:

Assist in hop selection and seasonal recipe development
Assist in continued training and sensory development
Assist in new brewery equipment install, and general maintenance of brewery department equipment
Attend Migration related events as needed to represent company
Other responsibilities as assigned by the Head Brewer

Knowledge & Skills:

Excellent knowledge of standard brewing techniques and practices
Ability to brew all Migration products consistently and according to recipe
Excellent time management and organizational skills.
Ability to accurately monitor production activities and inventory.
Knowledgeable of regulations affecting Brewing industry. Ability to ensure compliance with all Federal and State regulations.
Ability to keep a clean work environment and meet all health and safety standards
Ability to work as a cooperative and positively contributing team member

Education & Work Experience:
· Minimum two years’ professional brewing experience.