Title: Senior Cellar Technician
Hours: 5 days per week (8+ hours per day), Monday - Friday, some exceptions (ie, attending an event)
Pay: DOE

The Rare Barrel, a sour beer-focused brewery with rotating guest beers and a kitchen, based in Berkeley, CA, has an immediate opening for a full-time position as a Senior Cellar Technician. We are searching for someone responsible and trustworthy who can match our passion for sour beer and commitment to quality. We work as a team and share in both the difficulties and the fun aspects of working at a brewery. Prior experience working in a brewery, winery or distillery is required. Work experience with areas related to electrical, plumbing, mechanical and/or welding is great, but not required.

This position will report to the Cellar Manager.

This is a physical position. Applicants will be regularly required to lift 120 lbs safely (this is a bona fide occupational qualification), to stand for long periods of time, and be comfortable working on their feet. Safety is always a priority. Due to the physical nature of the job and the inherent risks of working in a production facility, doing this job safely is every employee’s first priority.

Safety must always be a priority. Due to the physical nature of the job and the inherent risks of working in a production facility doing this job safely must be your first priority.

We are looking for a team player, who is honest, trustworthy, dedicated, hard-working, self-motivated, possesses a great attitude and has a keen attention to detail. A personal commitment to cleanliness and organization is required.

Must love sours.

Cleaning, Organization and Paperwork
Lots of Cleaning. Sweeping, mopping, and organizing are a big part of this job (and any job in the brewing industry). This includes keeping the barrel cellar clean, organized and orderly. At The Rare Barrel, we are heavily focused on documentation of our processes and results. Keeping accurate and orderly paperwork is a top priority. This includes maintaining inventory, taking gravity, pH and temperature readings on tanks and barrels, etc. Additionally, working on critical documents such as our master production spreadsheet, beer planning sheets and the daily report will require accuracy and attention to detail from this position.

Set up, operation and clean up of bottling, labeling, waxing and kegging. CIP, Sani, maintenance and SOP / checklist ownership of related equipment.

Material Handling and Maintenance
Keeping our equipment operating properly ensures our beers are the highest quality. This includes proper maintenance of forklifts, pallet jacks, barrels and lab equipment, as well as proper storage of raw materials, brewing equipment and finished product.

Barrel Maintenance and Movement
Treatment of oak barrels including pressure rinses, ozone rinses, steaming, etc. This position is also responsible for forklifting and organization of barrels in the stacks and those staged for racking.

Cellar Work and Brewing
Moving beer from place to place, along with cleaning tanks, hoses, parts, etc. Proper and safe usage of chemicals, gases, equipment is essential. Filling and emptying oak barrels also requires elite attention to detail and proper paperwork. Handling wort production including box truck driving, following proper knockout procedures at host breweries, preparing and loading the ingredients and equipment needed, knockout procedures at The Rare Barrel, and as always, following safest and best practices in this process. Assisting in coordination of cellar scheduling.

Tasting and Blending
Participate as part of our blending and tasting team. This includes daily barrel tastings (free from off-flavors, outliers, etc.), QA/QC tastings run by our quality department, ingredient intensity checks and carbonation checks. Assist in barrel sampling, mock blend and force carbonation, and blend development.

Research and Development
Assist in activities to trial new ingredients, yeast, bacteria, and other innovations.

Innovation & Personal Growth
We blend and taste as a team. We also strive to improve everything we do as a team. This position should feel free to submit proposals on process, beer making and other improvements to help make The Rare Barrel a better place. Proposals will be considered and followed up on. You will have a voice in how things are done here. Within jobs, we can develop “specialty” additions to your title when you find an area you excel at and is a need for the brewery. These can range from wort production to maintenance to packaging and beyond.

Development and maintenance of all SOP, checklists, plans and best practice documents for the duties above.
Other tasks as needed.

Pre-employment background check, DMV check, and screening for illegal drugs is required
The Rare Barrel is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.
To apply, please send a cover letter and resume as one .PDF document to jay at therarebarrel dot com with “Senior Cellar Technician – INSERT FIRST NAME LAST NAME” in the subject line. Thank you!