Division/Department: Brewery
Reports to: Head Brewer

Who We Are and What We Do

Fullsteam’s mission: to craft distinctly Southern beer that celebrates the farm and food traditions of the American South. We express our love for community and the land through the Southern Beer Economy. Through the act of commerce -- including our commitment to a living wage for all employees –we foster community and agricultural pride, create wealth, and encourage entrepreneurship within the post-tobacco South.

And though our mission is lofty, we aim to keep it all fun. At the end of the day it's beer: the beverage of celebration, backyard gatherings, good food, and good people.

Fullsteam’s Core Values

Think like an Optimist.
Seek Truth and Beauty.
Speak with Quiet Confidence.
Listen with Empathy.
Be Present, Productive, and Fun.

These values aren’t just talking points: they permeate and inform our culture, our hiring, and our decision-making.

Who We’re Looking to Hire
We’re looking for a highly energetic and creative Lead Brewerwith production facility experience to join our team of brewers. With a production of nearly 10,000 barrels a year on a 12 barrel brewhouse, and new beers released every week, our brewers must be flexible, communicate well, and be skillful problem solvers.

The Work
Monitor grain, hop, adjunct, and water treatment inventory on a weekly basis and enter into Orchestrated Beer(OB) monthly. Notify head brewer of any shortages.
Receive and put away any grain or equipment orders; enter into OB
Aid with creation and processing of wort/beer in OB throughout the brewing and cellaring processes
Oversee the timely preparation of brewing ingredients
Run the majority of the brews, while embodying and imparting Fullsteam’s core values into all aspects of the brewing process
Communicate with the head brewer and assistant brewer(s) to ensure as much consistency as possible in the brewing process
Coordinate all Spent Grain disposal
Brew special beers as needed for any unique events or festivals
Supervise cleaning, dry hopping, transferring, filtering, carbonating, and kegging processes
Assist in recipe formulation
Aid in the installation and maintenance of equipment
Advance brewing knowledge through reading, panels, and workshops when available
Maintain a clean and organized work space
Participate in all trainings, Back of House meetings, and All Hands meetings
As needed, serve as public face for Fullsteam brewing operations, lend a hand for any special events, education sessions, or brewery tours
Other projects and responsibilities may be added at the company's discretion.
Skills and Qualifications Needed to Do the Work

2 years experience in a production facility strongly preferred
Night shift, early shift, and holiday availability
At least 21 years old
The ability to lift and move 55 lbs, and 165 lbs with assistance.

To apply: Send resume and cover letter to Amanda at amanda@fullsteam.ag