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Thread: Head Brewer: Beltway Brewing Company, Sterling VA.

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    Head Brewer: Beltway Brewing Company, Sterling VA.

    Beltway Brewing Company is located in Sterling, Virginia and has become well known as the premier facility to host contract brewing for growing craft brands. In addition, Beltway is growing the Beltway brand portfolio for distribution and retail (tap room) sales. The mission of Beltway Brewing Company is to grow the availability, awareness, and appreciation of quality craft beer brands by artfully executing the production of the best beer possible. Beltway Values: Have a Passion for the Process, Display Respect & Empathy, Keep an Open Mind & Learn Something Every Day, Collaborate for Success, Show Resiliency & Optimism in Adversity, Be Honest & Act with Integrity. Come join our team!

    Purpose :

    The Head Brewer / Production Manager is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the facilities and equipment; along with driving production staff productivity, safety, product quality, and efficiency. This job requires strong analytical and technical abilities and demands fast, but carefully thought-out results. Strong leadership and control of the work process from beginning to end is necessary. The job centers around developing new ideas, systems and technology, and also analyzing and improving on old ones. A high level of expertise is expected and the ability to spot and correct errors is important. Work must be done right and quickly, while always focusing on accomplishing the goal and demanding the highest quality work. As part of the leadership team they will partner with the President and other leadership to ensure the promotion of the Beltway culture and the building of employee engagement.


    * Leads, manages, and is held accountable for the production processes and production staff
    * Ensures that the Beltway Brand is viewed as the premier contract brewing facility; promoting high quality standards, top brewing knowledge, and a brewing team that always provides top-rated service
    * While keeping safety a top priority, execute production decisions in the best interest of the company’s success with a focus on quality and efficiency
    * Coordinate the production staff schedule based on master production schedule
    * Communicate and coordinate with the Operations Manager regarding all aspects of production and operations
    * Coordinate production staff hiring and training
    * Manage maintenance of facilities and all equipment, including executing all cleaning and repairs
    * Purchasing of equipment, materials, and resources for the facilities and production
    * Responsible for development, maintenance, and documentation of all Production SOPs
    * Develop recipes for Beltway brands
    * Responsible for ensuring any and all production activities are kept current in Ekos
    * Manage and oversee vendors for production related services
    * Supervise yeast management
    * Promote a mindset of quality throughout production process
    * Support Sales Team in client relations and sales

    Requirements :

    *Formal education complimented by previous job experience in brewing management
    *At least 3 years of experience in a brewery production leadership role
    *Proven and effective management skills
    *Fast-paced environment Leading and controlling multiple projects simultaneously
    *A definite analytical and technical orientation rather than a social orientation
    *High standards, high quality work is of utmost importance
    *Big picture, strategic decisions, well thought out and analyzed
    *Excellent references that convey reliability and a stellar work ethic

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $60,000.00 to $90,000.00 /year

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    Hi, is there a preferred email for response or just a direct message through probrewer?

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    Respond via the following email address


    You can respond via ProBrewer or to:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,


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