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Thread: Going rate for formulating/writing recipes?

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    Going rate for formulating/writing recipes?

    Hey guys,

    As a veteran brewer in my area, I have been asked to formulate and write recipes for a new 30bbl brewery. What do you think is a fair rate for my services? Percentage per volume produced/sold? Flat rate?

    Curious to hear your opinions.


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    I have only ever charged a fixed rate. However, I think it depends on what other involvement you will be having / want to have with this brewery. If you are going to be working long term with them as their consultant brewer on all matters, or want to buy in to the business, then obviously you may wish to consider a different form of contract - for instance an annual consultancy fee, but with the proviso you provide a fixed number of days consultancy on site / number of audits / number of recipes. For one or two recipes to get them going, then a fixed fee, allowing for a number of trial brews / modifications is probably best. As for how much to charge - I have no idea what the going rate is where you are, how complex their production process is, what sort of weird and wacky (ok, let's call them non straightforward Malt + bittering hops + a few aroma hops) brews they are looking for, or of course, your experience/skill base, so have no idea how long it might take you to tune in a brew.

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