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Thread: Mobiel Bright/Serving tank

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    Mobiel Bright/Serving tank

    Hey all ... looking for a suggestion/idea for a mobile serving tank. We are planning on opening a 2nd pub location and it would be nice to fill 3 or 4 bbl serving tanks instead of filling kegs. We don't plan on carbing in them just serving so they can be pretty minimal.


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    Just ordered some from stout tanks. They have single wall serving tanks up to 5bbls in size that are on wheels so you can roll them from the brewery to the walk-in. Ours (3bbl) are supposed to arrive this week.

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    I think he means rolling them onto a truck and taking them across town.

    I would look at jacketed and insulated tanks. Use self-sealing quick-disconnects on the tanks and on a glycol cooling system at the destination. The insulation should keep the beer fairly cool for the trip, and you can then coll them to where you want without taking up cooler space.

    Or you could go with single-wall tanks and use insulated blankets/wraps in transport.
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    Unless you plan on having a fork lift at both locations for loading and unloading it might be easier in the long run to use kegs.

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