Purpose of job:
Maximize Brewery Production Uptime

Job duties:
Maintaining and documenting correct operation of all physical systems
Scheduling all routine maintenance tasks
Carrying out or contracting out all routine maintenance tasks on schedule
Carrying out or contracting out all brewery equipment repairs
Responding to and resolving all equipment failures
Identifying, purchasing, and organizing spare parts for all brewery systems
Installing and maintaining needed equipment
Maintaining excellent relationships with outside contractors
Keeping brewery and equipment clean and orderly

Minimum qualifications:
Ability to learn new concepts quickly
Ability to solve complex problems
Excellent work ethic
Excellent communication skills
Strong preference for organization and documentation
A valid drivers license

Knowledge / skills Required:
Basic familiarity with -
Boiler and Steam
Compressed Air
Carbon Dioxide
Brew House Process Equipment
Packaging Process Equipment
Some experience contracting out work
Some experience using tools safely and effectively
Some experience using a computer to communicate and research

Physical Requirements:
Ability to stand or walk for most of the day, occasionally lifting up to 165 lbs

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Supervises extra hands as assigned

Reports to the CEO and the Production Manager
Works closely with the Can Packaging Manager

Inquire at work@liveoakbrewing.com