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Thread: Brewer for hire Tampa

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    Brewer for hire Tampa

    One year of interning at a brew pub in St Petersburgh (Urban Comfort). Mashing in and out, milling grain, CIP fermenters and serving tanks, cleaning kegs...the usual. Since then I have been the lead/only brewer at Two Henrys Brewing for a little over a year now. I run a 7bbl Brewmation system, double batching to produce ~30bbl of wort a week. I do my own cellaring and packaging. On a good week I turn my brite twice on top of my four day a week brew schedule. For packaging I run a Cask canning line pumping out 60-100 cases each run. On top of supplying beer beer for our tasting room, I fulfill distribution orders to J.J. Taylor, FDC and Perrott.

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    Bury Me Brewing
    Looking for the right person to be our brewer/head brewer. If you feel that you have reached the point that you are ready to move up the ladder and expand your growth opportunities, now is the time to contact us.
    Please forward your resume to

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