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Thread: Pacific Northwest Start-up Brewer

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    Pacific Northwest Start-up Brewer

    I am based in the Portland metro area, but I think the right job could be anywhere in Oregon or Washington.
    I am happy to supply a resume and references on request. Contact me about this or any brewing related consulting needs.

    I have a passion and love for creating and building. After nearly 10 years in the industry I have developed a unique set of experiences that make me ideally suited to be your first hire, or the consultant that gets your dream started. This passion has led me to work for a number of start up breweries and breweries in periods of expansion. I have worked from the ground up, building walls, and refinishing historical landmarks. I have installed two complete brewhouses and dozens of tanks, some in very unique and challenging locations. I have designed and purchased brewing equipment and created recipes for a plethora of beers. At the ripe old age of 22 I got my first job in the homebrewing industry working at Midwest Supplies, I used my time there to study ingredients and recipe formulation. Working there I had access to an incredible depth of experience and every raw material imaginable. This work helped me become a better, and more confident brewer. From working at Midwest Supplies I traveled to Chicago and Germany while attending the Siebel Institute. During that year I earned my Master Brewer certificate from The Siebel Institute and their sister school The Doemens Academy. After graduation I returned home to Minnesota and began my career brewing.
    I have worked every position in the brewery, as part of various small teams you become adept in every aspect of the brewing process. I am most proud of a couple of accomplishments. Using almost entirely locally grown, midwest, hops for a brewpub I was the Head Brewer of. This took months of work over the course of several years, and culminated with the creation of the Minnesota Hop Growers Association, hosting that first meeting was a great source of pride for a lot of us involved. I have also been lucky enough to help work restoring two historic landmarks and bringing them new life and energy as local hotspots.
    It was working for the passionate owners and their families that showed me how rewarding the brewing industry can be. From that first job I have sought to work with small, growing, or starting breweries and help fulfill that dream.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this far, maybe we have a future together,
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