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    I have started messing around with dry hopping at 3° to terminal. I’ve noticed my beers coming out more green or grassy, fruit forward not so much. Typically I would dry hop 3-4 days and then drop them out. Would you dump hops while the beer is still fermenting out? I’m using S04, so maybe not the right yeast for this technique?

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    How many lbs per bbl are you using and what hop varieties? Are you using the same recipe and process for previous beers and only changing the dry hop timing?

    In the past we've experimented dry hopping at anywhere between 1-4°p before terminal...1-3#/bbl...tried double dry hopping each beer w an early and terminal addition...tried a handful of London Ale/English Ale yeasts, including S04...

    Typically we only found the beer to be excessively green and grassy was when we would exceed 2.5#/bbl OR early after packaging, before the beer had time to condition for a few weeks. We were sometimes shocked at how much the beer changed for the better after sitting for a few weeks in kegs/cans.

    I don't think we ever saw any correlation between yeast and how grassy the beer came out. We began doing double dry hops (~3-4° before terminal, and terminal) because we were worried about stripping aroma out of an early dry hop during the last few degrees of fermentation, so the theory was to add an additional load at the end and cap the tank. I'm not so sure it made a huge difference though. Our favorite ended up being a big dry hop ~1°p to go, capping the tank and adding a spunding valve. Not to say that our results are the standard, but just what we saw.

    I wouldn't do any serious cone dumping until you hit terminal gravity.

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