Ankrolab Brewing Company is looking for a full-time cellarman that will morph into an assistant brewer role as production and need increase. Ankrolab is located in sunny Naples Florida We operate a 15bbl brewhouse with a 150bbl cellar capacity. We opened in May of this year and are slowly ramping up production. Currently one of our biggest needs is somebody to take ownership of kegs, cleaning, keeping both coolers organized, filling, along with tasks such as draft line cleaning and crowler machine maintenance.

Experience brewing is not required. Here is a list of some things that we are looking for:
A hard work ethic and willingness to learn
Attention to detail
Must be able to follow written and oral directions
Prior knowledge of beer and the brewing process is desirable
You must be able to work safely at all times, and always wear appropriate PPE
The position will require you to lift up to 55 lbs repeatedly and move up to 165 lbs safely
Climb ladders
You will often be working in hot and cold as well as wet environments with dangerous chemicals and CO2
Being forklift certified is a plus
Open sewn grain bags the proper way, not like a savage
At least 21 years old

Sample of Initial Tasks:
Keg washing
Maintaining taproom cooler inventory
Monthly inventories of grain, kegs etc.
Making tea/soda
Draft line cleaning/maintenance
Grain down-stacking
Milling in according to recipe
Packaging beer into kegs
General cleaning-to include floors, tank exteriors, changing blow off buckets etc
COP of yeast brinks and other vessels
Making starter wort
Helping with general maintenance of equipment
More cleaning
Other tasks as assigned

If you work hard and show a willingness to learn, the position will move more towards an Assistant Brewer.

Types of Eventual Tasks
CIP of fermenters, brite tanks, brewhouse
Beer transfers
Recipe Development
Dry Hopping
Gravities/ph and other lab tasks
Yeast propagation

This is an entry level position, you will be fully trained on the job. You will report directly to the Head Brewer. Starting pay is $13hr. Please send a Resume,Cover letter and a brief email about your interest in the position as well as your top 3 beers to Lynden Preuss Please no drop-ins or phone calls.