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Thread: E.J. Phair in Pittsburg ISO Head Brewer

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    E.J. Phair in Pittsburg ISO Head Brewer

    EJ Phair is hiring for a Head Brewer position in our Pittsburg, CA location! We have a 30bbl brewhouse with 12 vessels for fermentation and beer conditioning. Our brews are sold in 3 locations including the Concord Alehouse, our Taproom in Pittsburg and our new Alehouse in Alamo. In addition, we also distribute to many locations throughout the Bay Area including bars, restaurants and hotels.

    Role Profile

    The Head Brewer is responsible for all aspects of beer production and packaging. The Head Brewer would be in a leadership role overseeing brewing and packaging, while working with other leadership on creating and developing concepts and recipes.


    The Head Brewer reports to Senior Management and will perform the following tasks;

    Responsible for the planning and execution of brewing beers within our current profile, while meeting existing quality standards and expectations.
    Develop new and innovative hop forward beers as well as production of our flagship beers
    Using and overseeing the use and planning for the pilot system to develop new concepts and recipes.
    Responsible for the efficiency of production, quality of the product being produced, and the safety of the Brewing and Production staff.
    Responsible for overseeing the assistant brewer and cellarman.
    Responsible for the quality and consistency of the product.
    Responsible for the maintenance of the main brewing system, pilot brewing system, cellar, and packaging equipment.
    Work collaboratively with senior management to maintain SOP’s and QA/QC expectations.
    Responsible for ordering and management of raw material inventory.
    Responsible for all necessary record keeping.
    Develop, maintain and nurture a positive work environment.
    Foster a disciplined environment and implement practices that promote safety, quality and productivity.
    Ensure adherence to Health and Safety standards of the facility, equipment, and employees.

    Qualifications, Experience and Skills/Knowledge Education:
    High school or equivalent, College Diploma or Bachelor’s degree preferred
    Commercial brewing experience required.
    Brewing specific post-secondary education, or post-secondary education in related fields is preferred.

    3+ years of professional brewery experience
    Head Brewer/Management experience within a brewery is preferred

    Key Characteristics:
    Ability to effectively lead and motivate people while working collaboratively with leadership.
    Ability to handle multiple tasks and problem solve effectively and efficiently
    Strong verbal and written communication skills
    Detail oriented
    Able to multitask and prioritize situations that require immediate attention
    Extensive knowledge of materials and equipment used within beer production
    Able to work under pressure and deadlines
    Accountable for results
    Ability to effectively problem solve, overcome production related obstacles
    Possess strong leadership skills
    Display a strong sense of urgency in all areas of the role
    Ensure adherence to Health and Safety regulations and Company standards by all brewery staff
    Assist with training of new employees to company standards and operational activities
    Promote and role model positive feedback and constructive forms of identifying opportunities for improvement though all levels of the company
    Provide leadership, direction and mentoring to direct reports to meet the goals of the organization
    Aid in fostering an environment of continuous improvement
    Develop, maintain and nurture a positive work environment

    Physical requirements:
    Physically demanding
    Physical requirements of the role: carrying/lifting heavy items, transferring/lifting or pushing items, working in awkward positions, operating heavy equipment, or holding body in one position for a prolonged period
    Ability to lift 50-150lbs repetitively throughout a shift
    Standing for long periods of time in a warehouse environment
    Ability to climb and descend stairs.

    Please submit your resume and a brief statement of why you would be the best candidate to Feel free to reach out with any questions that may have not been addressed and we will be happy to answer. Prost!

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    still looking

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    Still looking for the right fit

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