Hello we GreenHouse Arcade are a new company in the process of build-out. We are located in Johnstown, PA and will be a taco house, brewery, and arcade. We will be opening the first phase around the end of summer-The apartments. We will also start brewing at that point. We are going to build a turnkey Quarter barrel system to start and we do Have 4,000 square feet in a warehouse to expand if need be and 6,000 square feet in another municipality. Your compensation will be up to you it based on 100% on how we sale and distribute beer as much as we can. We can also help subsidize living expenses. I will give you an example. Let's say it costs $130 dollars to make a barrel of beer and we get 135 beers out of that barrel. Let's agree we said each beer is $6. We would first back out the cost of beer production and then split the profit 50/50. The brewer would be able to make $2 for that single beer. With quarter barrels we could make multiple beers to get our solidify our recipes, your recipes, prior to scaling and doing mass production. If you want to control we are the company for you, we will support you with marketing and advertising and B To B sales. Contact Allen at 402-957-0154 or 814-494-2202

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