I've been visiting Pro Brewer for a couple years now and I was excited to see the addition of these threads to the site. However there seems to be an over all lack of response to most of the threads posted. I am surprised at this because I have visited other sites where these discussion boards are constantly being added to. HBD.org is one example. I myself have been guilty of not posting replies to posts and starting today I am going to be better, I already replied to the Schwarz post and will try to reply to at least one a week from now on. I know we are all busy and sometimes there isn't enough time, but it doesn't take much to reply, and you will add to the discussion and possibly help someone. Most of you probably already mentaly reply to every post you read so lets all take the next step. Some posts get viewed a 1000 times and replied to twice! I posted a question about base malts and have gotten zippo so far. Everyone uses base malt, have you no opinion on the grain that makes up the majority of your beers? Alright, I'll shut up now.

"He who posts last, thinks slowest."-see schwarz post
Big Willey