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Thread: What tubing are you using post secondary CO2 reg?

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    What tubing are you using post secondary CO2 reg?

    We're in the process of replacing our Co2 distribution system with all stainless supply headers and I was wondering what everyone's using at their points of use to connect the output of your secondary regulators to whatever. We've been using Bev Flex 172 ( but I'm curious if there's a better choice for durability (the Bev flex has performed very well in this regard) or o2 permeability (unsure of the Bev flex's rated performance here, but we've not seen anything that would indicate an o2 ingress problem).

    Thanks in advance.

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    We use 1/4" OD white PE tubing. It allows us to use John Guest-style push-fit connections, which makes it very fast and easy to replace the tubing if it gets contaminated--beer backflow, etc. We also use a check-valve at the delivery end to help prevent this.

    We haven't had any problems with O2 uptake in the tubing.
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