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Thread: Brewing with Basil?

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    Brewing with Basil?

    Looking to brew a berliner weisse with Basil and Lime, any experience brewing with basil oil or leaves? Would love to hear dosing rates on either

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    Bison Brewing out of Berkeley, CA used to have a honey basil ale before they closed down. Tasted absolutely no basil or honey. Basil is one of those herbs that when fresh, can boil off most of its flavor and aroma. I might suggest using it in secondary only, but don't have much experience with it myself.

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    I sometimes make one off kegs of a lemon basil lager in old Hoff Stevens kegs. I use about 1.5 tighty packed cups of chopped fresh basil and the zest of 5 lemons in a hop sock in each 1/2bbl keg and rack a clean German pilsners on top.

    You may want to use even more for a Berliner so the flavor comes through. The fresh flavor fades fast into a general grassyness so serve it quick!

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