Denver Beer Co. is seeking a Brewer
Denver Beer Co. is hiring a full time brewer to operate our 30 bbl system at our production brewery and rotate through cellar responsibilities on a monthly basis. Our vision for the Denver Beer Co. brew team is to brew the best beer in the world in the most efficient way possible. We currently brew in Denver at our original taproom brewery on Platte St, at our Canworks production brewery, and at our Olde Town Arvada taproom brewery. We need an experienced, detail oriented production brewer who can help us continue to make outstanding quality and consistent beer at our production brewery.

Who we are looking for:
Someone with experience in brewing, cellaring, and understanding the fundamental principles of making great beer
Someone who can handle working in a fast paced environment and still maintain attention to detail
Someone who can work smart, multitask, and understand time efficiency
Someone who can follow, improve, and create SOP’s focused on efficiently brewing consistent, quality beer

This is a dream job for the ideal candidate. We are looking for someone who can work independently and also work and communicate effectively on a team. Understanding the principles of milling, mashing, lautering, raw materials, fermentation, filtration, carbonation, and CIP is a must. Keeping a clean work space and brewing area is also required. Knowledge around 5S principles and technical aptitude is a plus.


The idea behind Denver Beer Co is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Serving only premium artisan ales and lagers, we utilize fresh ingredients and embrace both innovative and old world styles of beer. Similar to a farmer’s table, our beer selections change with the seasons.

Brew 2-5 batches/week
Monitor fermentation, dry hop, harvest and pitch yeast, clarify and carbonate beer
CIP and sanitize all vessels as needed
Perform routine maintenance activities throughout brewing department
Maintain a clean and organized working environment
Take meticulous notes and records on every aspect of the brewing process every time.
Maintain and record inventory of raw materials
Perform Lab Sampling Duties & QA follow up
Be a team player and assist other areas of the brewery as needed

Minimum of 2 years of professional brewing and cellaring experience.
Formal brewing education preferred
Able to frequently lift heavy materials (minimum 55 lb. boxes shoulder high up to 50 times daily) and full kegs.
Desire to build, enrich, and further define the quality reputation of Denver Beer Co.
Experience with centrifuge a plus

We offer a very competitive wage and benefits package. To apply for this job please do the following:

Please write us a letter as to why you are the best fit for the culture of Denver Beer Co.
Please send us a recipe and brew notes of a beer of which you are proud or a story about the best beer you’ve made and why it was so great.

Application letters should be sent to We will respond to applicants who resonate with our team and our culture.