I am brewer with over five years of experience in a production brewing facility. I am currently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but will be relocating to the Chicagoland area within the next month, and I am looking for opportunities in the area.

I have experience brewing on a 1 bbl pilot system, up to a 17 bbl production brewhouse. I am well versed in brewhouse and cellar CIP and sanitation operations, including operating the keg washer. I am also experienced in packaging operations (canning, bottling, and kegging), in addition to all other brewery cellaring operations (yeast harvesting, management, and beer transfer). Furthermore, I have spent time working front-of-house in a taproom, at festivals and special events, and as a tour guide.

Additionally, I have hands-on experience running and operating Filltec inspection units, VideoJet product coding machines, as well as EKOS Brewery Management software.

If interested, please DM or reach me at benjamin.augsburger(at)gmail.com for a copy of my resume and cover letter. Thank you for your time.