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Thread: How does fermenter cone angle effect yeast harvesting?

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    How does fermenter cone angle effect yeast harvesting?

    Does the angle of a cylindroconical fermenterís cone effect your process for harvesting yeast? Does a steep or shallow angle change the way you want to go about pulling yeast from your fermenter?

    Iím using tanks that have a steeper angle than previous tanks Iíve used, and the volume of yeast I can drop out of a tank is significantly smaller. Thereís lots of yeast left over when I empty the tank, so Iím pretty sure the yeast is sticking to the sides of the vessel, but I havenít yet found a satisfactory way of getting that yeast into my brink or down the drain.

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    Listening in on this thread, I'm finding I have about 6 gallons *volume* of foamy waste in buckets when I empty the fermentors after racking on 3BBL unitanks. This seems to equate *by weight* to about 3 gallons of waste.

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    Pull slowly!

    Easy to rat-hole a unitank. If you have decent surface finish in your cones, then you can drain most of your settled yeast. But if you rat-hole your yeast, then it will be quite difficult to drain it later. I like a very slow peristaltic pump to pull yeast either for re-use or to waste. Also like to drain into bucket and put in cooler for a day to settle in order to ascertain the amount of yeast vs. beer.
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