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Thread: Making added ingredients homogenous

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    Making added ingredients homogenous

    Hey all

    How are you making added flavors homogeneous throughout the whole tank after adding it. Whether it's fruit puree, extracts, etc. I've been getting issues with it floating and not really flavoring the whole tank. Even after adding and rousing from the bottom. Thanks in advance!

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    If added during peak fermentation, convection should be sufficient.

    I’d say the most common methods I have seen and use include the following principles....

    A - Bagging in Nylon or muslin with a sanitary weight (TC fittings). Suspend the bag in the vessel from an upper port so the bag is placed in the center of your liquid. This can be done pre or post tank filling. I like to call it Tea-Bagging, lol.

    B - Using a strainer to infuse something with a one-time pass through. Loosely pack a strainer with the compound and move the beer through at the desired rate for flavor pickup. Think water-filter hop Randal.

    C - Probably most common. Recirculated with pump in closed loop. Either after adding product directly, but more professionally by stream-lining it. Inject inline during recirc. You should pitch your yeast this way during KO.

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    In line during transfer.
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    Curious what your adding that is floating. I've had issues with purees falling out but never floating.

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