I was wondering what, if any, experiences you all have had with the Incognito extracts (made by Haas) and how it compares to other CO2 extracts? The extracts are variety specific and their info sheet claims it enhances/contributes hop flavor and aroma rather than just IBUs.

The crux of my question is that our IPA sales are far out-pacing projections and our hop contracts so we need to find a way to make up about ~2100lbs of Citra for this year alone....or buy a bunch of Citra among others if anyone is selling at a reasonable price.

My understanding of other high AA CO2 extracts is that they were primarily for replacing bitter hops. We are like most people today and use very little in terms of bittering charges and almost exclusively are adding these at FO/WP/DH so if this could replace some to all of our hot side additions that would be awesome. However, I have never personally used any of these extract products and am hoping to get some insight into the viability of their flavor/aroma claims before making and educated guess on how or if to use them in the first test batch as it will likely be 90 or 120bbl based on our production schedule!

Thanks in advance.