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Thread: Haze....I don't want

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    Haze....I don't want

    Greetings friends!

    We brew a British Bitter. About 10.25P OG. It's served on cask and I want it to be brite which it always is. Our latest batch went a little screw ball. Our mash wound up quite low so we turned on our RIMS to bring the temp up. Therefore, we accidently performed somewhat of a slow and constant step-mash from about 125 up to around 148 over about 1.25 hours. We tried a "step-mash" like this on purpose once with a Belgian Strong Ale. That Belgian beer has always been cloudy while it's counter parts with the same yeast drop clear. Something in that "Step-Mash" must be causing the cloudiness?

    Anyway, same thing appears to be happening with this Bitter. Cloudy after an accidental "Step-Mash". Different yeast than the Belgian obviously but the English yeast I use drops SUPER brite quickly.

    My question: Anyone have any suggestions for fining agents to clean up that haze? Biofine etc? I'm not a finings guy. It's not crashed so no chill haze. In the past this yeast usually floccs out days ago

    Here's the info from my shift brewer:

    5bbl batch
    Pitched usual and proper amount of REALLY nice fluffy yeast
    Mash was too hot at first (160F). Added cold water to compensate.
    Stirred mash and wound up about 125F. Should have stirred completely first as the temp was probably actually fine.
    RIMS brought temp up from 125 to about 148 after 1.25 hours
    Hops: 5.6% Alpha
    30 oz @ 60 min and 32 oz @ 0 min
    Whirlpool 15 min
    Chill to 66F in about 30 min and knock out onto freshy fresh yeast

    Cloudiness ensues.....


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    I would go with biofine. I'm not sure the size of your casks but I've always used a small amount to fine our pins which were about 5 gallons at the last brewery I worked for.

    Hope this helps!

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