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Thread: TDS in Brewing Water

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    TDS in Brewing Water

    We recently drilled a new/additional well. We had the water tested and everything looks within a manageable range, however, the TDS is around 390 ppm. We have an RO system but I’d rather not have to run this water through it. Any insight on acceptable levels of TDS for brewing? Not only from a product standpoint but also for cleaning/CIP. I can be e-mailed at

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    It depends more on what that 390 consists of. I'd say run it through the RO just to make sure you stay consistent. The well will change and the beer will change with it if your not doing monthly analysis on it. If you already have the RO then you might as well use it...the waste water should just work its way back to your well, so it's only extra electricity to maintain consistency.

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    When your water supply is a well, consistent water quality is almost a given. Do not employ RO to provide 'consistency'. That would be a serious expense and waste.

    390 ppm TDS is not excessive for many beer styles, but the real question is: 'what are the ion concentrations that make up that 390 ppm???'

    Water testing is recommended to determine what they are. If you're worried about consistency, do continue to monitor with your TDS meter and send samples off to a lab when the TDS values change markedly. 25 ppm change is no big deal, but 50 ppm or more, is.
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