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Thread: Canadian Brewer with Irish passport

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    Canadian Brewer with Irish passport

    Hey there folks!

    My name is Iain, and I am a brewer on the Canadian East Coast. I am originally from the Toronto area, but have lived in New Brunswick for over five years.

    I am seeking my next brewing adventure, and am looking both locally and internationally. I am Canadian and have an Irish passport. English is my primary language, but I do understand French to a certain extent. I also speak both Plato and Specific Gravity.

    I have 5+ years of brewing experience (including over a year as Head Brewer), with two of our largest regional craft breweries in my province (9000+ hL, 12000+ hL), along with a smaller operation (1500+ hL) most recently. I have experience with Open Fermentation (with Ringwood) and Closed Fermentation. I have brewed English, American, German and Belgian-inspired beers. I have experience with yeast management and a multitude of different yeasts (ale and lager) as well as Lacto. P. and wine yeast. I am familiar with a variety of filtration techniques (DE, depth filter, candle filter), along with centrifuging. I most recently have designed and implemented a successful barrel-aging program from scratch. I have experience kegging (both manually and semi-auto), manual bottling, and semi-auto canning (gotta love me a CASK line), along with having been around rotary bottling and canning lines for years. I have played around with bottle-conditioning, basic lab work, and have some experience managing a real ale program as well. I enjoy recipe design, and long walks along the beach.

    I attended VLB-Berlin for the Craft Brewing in Practice certificate in 2015, and more recently have joined the ranks of the BJCP and judged on regional, national, and international levels. My brews have won the odd award on a regional and national level too.

    If you think you could be part of my next adventure, hit me up at Resume available upon request.

    Cheers from NB,

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