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Thread: Flow Meter question

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    Flow Meter question

    New to the forum, really learning a lot reading through existing threads! I've read through many hours of threads on carbonation through a carb stone and have found them extremely useful.

    Last night I ran a test on my stone to find the wetting pressure. I determined the wetting pressure to be 5 PSI. I had regulator set up through a flow meter that I had from some years ago (el cheapo from Amazon). Even though I was getting a nice flow of bubbles through the stone at 5 PSI, the ball inside of the flow meter never budged (even with the flow meter valve open at full throttle).

    Does this mean the flow meter is bad? or, could the flow meter just not be picking up enough flow at 5 PSI to register? The flow meter has a scale from 0-10 LPM (CNBTR LZQ-3).

    Thanks for any input!

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    I would 5psi is too low. Try turning it up to 20 or so and see how it works.

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    Does the ball move freely? If not clean it out, warm water and then let the co2 flow dry it out.

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