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Thread: Sour after aging in wine barrels

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    Sour after aging in wine barrels

    I have a Saison that's been aging in Cabernet barrels are almost a year. Every time I taste it, it's great and almost ready for brite. Our owner, however, thinks it will be better as a sour.

    Has anyone soured a finished aged beer in a wine barrel? If so, what's the best route to take?

    Any advice is much appreciated!

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    I haven't soured a finished beer in barrels before, but I have added "bugs" to the barrel partway through the aging. I just added a culture to the barrel and waited 6-8 months. If the beer is ready now and more time will lead to too strong of barrel flavors, I would brew another batch to blend with it. Or brew a kettle sour now to blend with the Saison.

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    Either pitch lacto/pedio into barrel, or do as noted above and kettle sour a second batch and blend.

    Tart saison is a good target in my opinion. Not necessarily “sour”. Maybe like 3.6 or 7.

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