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Thread: Applying separate Front & Back labels with a hand labeler?

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    Applying separate Front & Back labels with a hand labeler?

    I'm a graphic designer and my client has asked me to develop a separate front & back label that will be applied with a hand labeler onto 12 ounce bottles. They'll be printed next to each other so that they will go on in series, one after the other. We are hoping to go with a custom front label shape, but a rectangular back label.

    Have any of you done this, and do you have any suggestions? I don't want to design something that will be a nightmare to apply, but we also want to do something fun that will be noticed on shelves.

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    Race Laber

    We've done it with a Race Labeler. IIRC, it isn't the labeler, it's the printer that will put the spacing on the roll of labels that makes the difference.

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    I've used this labeling machine

    I've used this labeling machine: Flat Semi Automatic Label Applicator Machine
    And as for front&back label machine you said, i found TechLine has it. But it is a fully automatic machine.

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