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Thread: Sanitizing Fruit

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    Sanitizing Fruit

    Hey, does anyone sanitize their citrus peel before adding on the cold side? If so, how? Someone suggested autoclaving or dipping in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, but I am worried about losing the essential oils.

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    FDA Process

    The FDA suggests a process for sanitizing fruit and veggies. If I recall, it's remove dirt and bad spots, then 1 Tbs household Chlorox (not the fancy kind) per gallon of water for one minute, full immersion, followed by air drying.

    The chlorine dissipates in air during the drying.

    I used this process on my fresh ginger and my ginger ale gained eight months of shelf life.

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    300 ppm Peracetic (or in combo with H2O2 - like p3-oxonia or Bioxy) in cold water. 5 min soak. Drain, do not rinse. Toss into tank. Measure accurately.

    Works every time for any nasties but only if you use clean, mold free and largely blemish free. Residues thereof completely unharmful in primary. H2O2 will break down into some O2...maybe don't want that additional O2 in secondary, brite, or keg.


    Liam McKenna

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