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Thread: Forced fermentations not fully attenuating

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    Forced fermentations not fully attenuating

    Looking to figure out what I am doing wrong? I started doing forced fermentations to determine the expected FG of our beers but for some reason they don't seem to fully attenuate. I have been using the White Labs method below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Potentially ...

    - beer in tank holds temperature or reaches a higher temperature somewhere in the column vs sample which is subjected to swings.
    - beer in tank is later dry hopped and experiences hop creep compared to wort taken post boil for sample.
    - beer in tank uses wet yeast from storage vs a 'bit' taken for forced ferm straight from another tank via another process and the usual cropping, consolidating and storage processes introduce contamination.
    - beer in sample is pitched with dry straight out the packet and the rest, hydrated or pitched becomes contaminated somewhere along the process.

    The big one for me is hop creep.

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