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Thread: Keg cleaning - what would you charge?

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    Keg cleaning - what would you charge?

    Just wondering what a fair rate would be for running a keg on our keg washer.

    Not looking to get rich, just covering our cost for the service for some local brewers that dont have a washer.



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    Micro Keg Washing....

    We used to charge $5 per keg if they wanted up to 10 1/2bbl Sankeys cleaned. Anything over that we charged less, its your call, you know the time involved in setting up, maybe $5 in chemicals if that for about 30-40 Kegs. If its a big order like 40 or more kegs, overall you're looking at about $150-200. That takes about 2-3hrs of labor cleaning inside and out for one person, maybe less if you're a ball buster. If they want to do the work, maybe just charge a fee of $2.5-3.00 per keg.

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