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Thread: Maui Brewing Co. is hiring a Brewing Supervisor!

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    Maui Brewing Co. is hiring a Brewing Supervisor!

    Position: Brewing Supervisor
    Location: Brewery, Kihei, HI
    Manager: Brewmaster
    Salary: $55,000 - 75,000

    Job Description:
    Second level supervisory role primarily responsible for providing supervision of production brewing, cellaring and finishing of product. Ability to provide support in packaging as needed. Provide guidance and training to brewing department while carrying out necessary shift brewing functions. Maintain and execute all functions according to policy and procedure, safety requirements, and best practice.

    Job Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
    • Act as the direct report for the Lead Brewers as well as manage and mentor the Brewer and Cellar team.
    • Execute the necessary production duties including but not limited to wort production, fermentation management, filtration and finishing, and bright beer handling.
    • Ensure that all beer is produced to standards and specification by following recipes and procedures as set by Brewmaster.
    • Initiate and execute work area project focused on production efficiency, safety, constant cleanliness and organization.
    • Lead in troubleshooting, training, coaching, and coordinating Brewer and Cellar PersonÂ’s growth, including input on Individual Growth Plans (IGPs) and annual reviews. Provide guidance as needed to Packaging Staff, and other entry level positions.
    • Oversee that all brewing, cellaring, filtration and other related documentation are maintained in an organized and complete manner including (SAP).
    • Assist in creation of brewing and cellar schedule as needed and maintained by Brewmaster.
    • Oversee auxiliary brewing tasks as needed i.e. production orders, inventory, and brand creation, Beer Data Summary, Now Brewing emails.
    • Help facilitate systems that keep all equipment and work areas in a clean and sanitize manner to maintain consistent beer quality.
    • Maintain healthy communication with other departments (QA/QC, Packaging, Maintenance, Sales, and Marketing).
    • Display a advanced working knowledge of brewery auxiliary equipment and utility operations such as water filtration, boiler, malt receiving, wastewater, Bailer, and CO2 recovery system, including ability to contact and communicate with maintenance staff and/or technicians to effectively address issues
    • Continual education and development in general beer knowledge, including but not limited to sensory, recipe development, engineering, and raw materials.
    • Conduct brewery tours as necessary.
    • Willingness to participate in festivals and promotional events as needed while representing the company and the brand in a professional manner.
    • Recipe formulation and development across various styles.
    • Participates in creation and auditing new brewery processes and equipment integration
    • Ability to participate, or take lead, on brewery projects, new equipment integration, or process changes.
    • Ability to create Purchase Orders and budgets for brewery supplies and equipment purchase quotations and validation as needed.
    • Attend brewery staff meetings as required.

    Job Requirements:
    • Last Individual Development Plan consists of scores 4+, and annual Performance Evaluation consists of scores “meets expectations” or above.
    • Minimum of 2 years experience in a production brewery.
    • High school diploma, and formal brewing eduction preferred.
    • Experience in recipe development and exposure to multiple styles is strongly preferred.
    • Prior leadership experience is strongly preferred.
    • Ability to work and communicate well with all staff.
    • Competent with basic computer functions, including Microsoft Office.
    • Organized and detail oriented.
    • Basic troubleshooting skills in a brewing/manufacturing setting.

    Physical Requirements:
    • Lift 55 lbs. from ground to shoulder high.
    • Lift 110 lbs. from ground to waist high and moving 150 lbs. along the floor.
    • Climb stairs, ramps, and ladders.
    • Work in small and confined spaces.
    • Work safely with chemicals with reasonable safety accommodations.
    • Work in loud environment with basic safety accommodations.
    • Read, write and calculate basic algebra.

    Hours & Wages:
    This position is an exempt position as described by the Fair Labor Standards Act and does not earn overtime pay. The total wages paid is defined in the salary section of a Job Offer. The weekly hours of work can vary as an exempt employee, and can be up to 50 hours a week. It is the employeeÂ’s responsibility to clock in and out so that hours worked can be accurately tracked, and important to bring to a managerÂ’s attention if they feel they are going to exceed 50 hours in a current work week. If employee takes unpaid time off, or is terminated with a partial work week, then the following formula will be used to calculate pay: bi-weekly salary divided by 10 multiplied by the number of days worked.

    • Health insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Company matching 401k Plan after one year of employment
    • Eligible for performance per Brewery Bonus Policy
    • Accrued Paid Time Off (PTO) starts at two weeks/year based on hire date

    Please apply here:
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    Interested in the Brewing Supervisor Position

    Is there a contact email to send a cover letter and resume?

    Thank you.

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