Published: 10/29/2019 3:29:24 PM
When you think of the ingredients in beer, you probably imagine hops, barley, wheat, and yeast. And you wouldn’t be wrong. The ales, lagers, stouts and other styles made by New Hampshire brewers are shaped by the subtle mix of these ingredients.

But the main ingredient is still missing, the one that represents more than 95 percent of that recipe – fresh, clean, water.

Whether it’s flowing from our pristine Northern rivers or pumped from Lake Massabesic in Manchester, the origin of that water was a forested watershed that first filtered and stored it like a sponge. In fact, almost all our water in New Hampshire and more than half across the United States is sourced from forests.

Because the taste of beer is so reliant on a single ingredient, a lack of consistent, clean water would make our brewers unable to create a consistent product – a death knell for any business.
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