2nd Shift Brewer Position – Wibby Brewing

Wibby Brewing is a craft lager brewery in Longmont, Colorado. Our lagers are diverse in flavor and style. The combination of traditional German brewing styles and American craft ingenuity makes our brewery standout in the craft beer scene. Wibby has a close knit brewing team that works hard together to produce some of the best craft beer in the country.

Position Snap Shot

Employment type: Full-time
Job Type: Manufacturing
Pay Type: Hourly
Supervisor: Brewmaster
Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GED, brewing degree preferred
Minimum Experience: 1-3 years professional brewing experience

Essential Responsibilities - Applicants must:
• Understand brewing processes
• Have a strong attention to detail
• Ability to follow direction and learn from colleagues
• Wort production
• Brewhouse CIP
• Fermentor/Lagering Tank CIP, Sani, purge
• Canning line operation, CIP, and Sani
• Strong work ethic
• Strong cleaning ethic
• Ability to use software for inventory and brewing process tracking
• Data Entry
• Effective communication with brewers, canning line assistants, distribution staff, and taproom staff
• Capable of safely driving a forklift
• Ability to repeatedly lift 55 pounds
• Be competent, professional, organized, reliable, dependable, and able to lead
• Passion for brewing and craft beer

If interested, please email your resumι and cover letter to ryan@wibbybrewing.com