SEARCHING for an existing brewery with dealcoholyzing equipment (vacuum distillation). To create Non Alcoholic beer. This is an exciting opportunity to enter the growing non-alcoholic beer sector and partner with a new business that is passionate about its potential and reinventing the category.

Ideal Requirements:

Brewery / facility with dealcoholyzing equipment and training to produce N/A
Know how in the N/A sector and currently offering N/A products
Excess Capacity & Interest to contract for a startup brand in order to sell into a new market / demographic in NYC

Minimum Requirements:

Brewery that is interested in the possibilities of N/A and would like to meet a business with capability to market / sell such product.
Brewery with a desire to learn and motivation to push boundaries within the growing N/A category alongside our business.
Talented brewing team willing to experiment and test different N/A methods & applications (stunted fermentation, cold crashing, alternative micro-organisms etc.) to create the best N/A craft beer available in the US.
East Coast location is preferred.

Strong incentives will be offered to the brewery we partner with. I'm the founder, please send me a direct message or email me to learn more:

Thank you